Tax Preparation


When that time of year comes for preparing tax returns, it can become very overwhelming and confusing, especially if you are preparing them yourself. Most of the time you just end up having more questions than answers. With over 27 years experience, our company has all the necessary qualifications and expertise to prepare federal and state tax returns for individuals, businesses, state sales tax and personal property tax returns.


Getting a plan in place for filing your taxes helps successfully minimize tax liability. At Pam Myers Tax Service, we stay up-to-date on all current tax laws and show our clients ways to take advantage of them all year round. After leaving our tax firm, you will have a much better understanding as to how certain tax laws affect you.


We know that our clients want to take advantage of every deduction possible in order to maximize their tax return. Our goal is to do just that! Every individual’s situation is going to be different which is why we offer a personalized tax approach that some of the larger firms are unable to offer. We want to build long term relationships with our customers and educate them as to how and why they are getting “X” amount of dollars on their return.  We want you be as stress free as possible which is why we try to offer certain tax recommendations that can help you in the future. We want to build long term realtionships which is why we treat every client as if they are our only client.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to learn more about Pam Myers Tax Service, feel free to call us at 850-676-4373 for a free no obligation consultation.